Modern Care With
Old Fashioned Values

Our Core Values

We believe in respect, compassion, trustworthiness, and service.
By using these core values, we can ensure that our goal to help those in need of assistance can get the proper care and services they deserve.


We respect you not only as our client but as an individual. Our goal is not to steal your independence but to make you feel safe and comfortable in your own home.


Our goal is to help you enjoy a better quality of life at home. To achieve that goal, our one-on-one care with you is essential in learning about your needs and you as a person.


The Texas state motto is just a single word: Friendship. By staying true to the great state of Texas, our goal is to earn your trust and be a friendly face when you need a companion.


We offer personal, non-medical assistance services but understand that everyone’s level of care is different. By being flexible and willing to help, we can ensure you receive the level of care you deserve.

We Are Here For You

Whether you or a loved one need personal, non-medical home care, the team with Homestead Family Health can be of assistance. We love helping others, and ensuring they receive the assistance they need is our first priority. For more information about our services, reach out to us today.